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(Latest update: July 2021)

Manual installation:
Unzip the downloaded file, and place all the bundles at the following location: <C:\ProgramData\Autodesk\ApplicationPlugins >
(be careful: by default, ProgramData is a hidden folder in the file explorer)

About me

Hi. My name is Corentin Gartner, I am a Civil Engineer based in Paris, France.

BIM Manager since 2017

I have been working in an engineering office since 2017, where I discovered Building Information Modeling and its incredible potential.

Independent Revit apps developer

I like to develop tools to make my work as a BIM Manager easier. I decided to share them with everyone. If these tools are useful to me, they may be useful to you too!

Constantly looking for new ideas

We are a few steps away from a perfect BIM workflow. Let's achieve this together. Feel free to suggest any Revit add-on idea that could help you work more efficiently.